Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Diet & School

Okay, so I started a 'diet' around the beginning of summer holidays and I somewhat followed it.. ): i just can't keep the motivation. However compared to previous times this diet has lasted the longest and i actually lost weight! (:

I'm now 50kg!!! wooo ~
Except I think I'm a bit underweight for my height (5'6) not sure.. o'well.
I feel more positive being this weight.
My mama, still thinks I'm fat -____-'' so I guess I'll try to be 48kg to please her.
I exercised for so long today my legs burn.
I stuck this cartoon I drew of me on the wall, haha it looks more like the Pringle man in a skirt


Oh! and school timetables came out today ):
.I have the preferable best teachers for each subject but,
 best teachers = no fun
*sigh yr12 is going to be a long year. Last year of school, still not sure what I want to do in Uni..
Still regret not picking methods.. hopefully I can take a 'back door' or transfer (:

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