Thursday, January 27, 2011

Etude House pt.2 [Blushes]

Lovely Cookie Blusher:
There's 5 shades in this collection, I only have two [#1 Pink, #3 Orange]
All the blushes come with a cute bow puff for application but I personally prefer using a brush as I have more control. When applied the blush shade is very light and have a little shimmer to them. Therefore it gives you a very subtle hint of colour in your cheeks (: and it's very easily buildable, so it's entirely up to you on how subtle you want it too look. This blush lasts me all day at school so that's ~6hrs, which is decent for me. 

In this image the colours looks a very strong, that's because I put on at least 3 layers, to show the colour as it was really hard to just capture the colour with 1 layer on.


Peach Cheek Stamp Blusher:

Once again there's 5 shades in this collection but I only have #5 Happy Peach Instead of a puff this blusher comes with a stamp.. which is entirely useless unless you want a huge obvious circle stamp on your cheek. You can always apply it on like that and then blend it out with a brush, but I find that the stamp collects way too much powder. So I'd advice you lightly dust the stamp for powder and then blend. It looks more natural that way.

Here's a picture to show you what I mean and I've only lightly pressed the stamp against my arm.
 This blush lasts a fairly long time, more than the 'Lovely Cookie Blusher'. It can last around 9hrs with no reapplication. Oh and did I mention it smells like peach (: but please don't try to sniff the powder it'd just go up your nose. haha
This is what it looks blended out with a brush. I absolutely adore this blush it's the perfect shade for me and a little goes a long way and you can easily build the colour up to enhance the colour.

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