Thursday, January 27, 2011

Etude House pt.3 [Lippies]

Etude House Colour Me Nude Lip Concealer:
This concealer is perfect for making my lips nude so that I can get the exact shade of my lipstick without being affected by my natural lip colour. However this concealer will slightly settle into fine lines if your lips are dry, so I suggest putting some lip balm on before to moisture your lips, also when applying this concealer make sure to dab it lightly on your lips and then spread it out with your fingers, because if you apply it on like lipstick/balm it will be too thick and make you look like a corpse.


Dear Darling Lips:
I have this in PK007, when applied you will notice how creamy this lipstick is but after awhile it'll settle in and you won't even notice it. Personally I find shade a little dark for my skin tone so I use it together with the lip concealer to lighten it up. The staying power of this lipstick isn't that strong, from personal experience it's lasted around 4-5hrs. It wipes of easily when you drink or eat.


Dear Darling Lipgloss:
This is my favourite lipgloss!! As I recall it's #11 Peach Snow. I use it all the time, its clear with a tint of very light baby pink with shimmer. It also has a very pleasant strawberry smell to it. This lipgloss isn't very sticky which is good because I hate the feeling of having something on my lip, also this lipgloss definitely needs to reapplied every 3hrs because it comes off easily when you're drinking.
Here's a picture of me wearing the lip concealer, Pk007 lipstick and 'Dear Darling Gloss'


Peach Water Gloss:

This lipgloss comes in 5 shades but I only got #2 strawberry milk, unlike how the name suggests it actually smells like peach, which is very yummy! so it won't be awful if you accidently eat this. Unlike the 'Dear Darling' lipgloss, this ones a bit more sticky and you can feel it on your lips when you're wearing it. However as it's more sticky I find that it seems to last a little longer and doesn't rub off easily. This lipgloss also has a slight shimmer to it.


Here's a swatch of the lipstick and lip glosses, all of them have being lightly swiped once.

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