Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hey guys! ): so much to post, but I don't have time.
So i'll be back in around 2weeks, after all my SACs and assignment level lowers ):
Came back from Cowes on Friday, only got ~4hrs sleep that whole trip and then straight after that on Saturday I had lectures. Woke up at 6am and didn't come home till 8pm.
Dead tired. Don't even have time to sleep these days.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

E.L.F [Eye-shadow Palette]

This came in the mail the other day, finally!! I've wanted this palette for ages, but it kept going OOS.

Studio Endless Eyes Pro 100 Eye-shadow Palette! [Limited Edition]

First off, it cost me $10 for 100 colours! 10c p/colour, absolutely worth it!

and if you're from the US I heard you can get it for $5 at target? even more worth it!
Even though I probably won't use up all the colours it doesn't matter (: 
I haven't really had time to swatch these colours (will do it when I come back from Cowes)
but I've lightly played around with it, and the pigmentation is fairly good, nice and vibrant. Also it lasts so long, tested it out and it lasted all day! (: 
As for the packaging, it's made of plastic and ~0.5cm thin, so its convenient to store. I haven't had it long enough to know if the packaging is flimsy/easy to break. Oh and the lid is clear so you can see the colours inside (:
There's a mirror & 2 double sided eye-shadow applicators which I think is pretty pointless since the mirror is too low for you to look into and the palette is too heavy/annoying for you too hold and apply. The applicators are just... yea haha I'll use my own brush there's too many colours and I don't want to mix them with the applicator.
Not sure if you can see in the picture, but there's a variety of colours in satin, matte and shimmer. Perfect for everyone!


Will do a proper review when I come back from Cowes, I promise!!
HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! ♥♥♥ get it before it's gone!

Monday, February 21, 2011

OOTD & Nails

I've got so much work to do and I'm off to Cowes on Wednesday still havent packed..
Got a few things to post about, but as for now OOTD & Nails!
Nothing special, simply because I just don't have time lately. ):

Monday, February 14, 2011

Super quick review, on these lipbalms I bought the other day. 

Mabelline Baby Lips SPF 20:
This is what they claim it does:
- Lips are instantly moisturised in 8hours
- Contains active care ingredients, such as sheer butter and centella 
- Vitamin complex delivering powerful anti-oxidants
- SPF 20 to protect from harmful UV rays
- After 4weeks lips are deeply repaired, completely reborn. Guarantee
- Instantly shed away rough dryness
- In 1 week, fine lines reduced, elasticity & suppleness increased

There's 4 flavours:
- Relieving Menthol
- Anti-Oxidant Berry
- Energizing Orange
- Smoothing Cherry

I have the Anti-Oxidant Berry & Relieving Menthol.
This cost me $3.50 AUD each, which I think is fairly reasonable for a lip balm. As for smell the menthol one smells like eucalyptus which can be off putting for some (*cough the boyfriend) but it has that cooling sensation which I love on my lips! and the berry one smells like berry weet-bix (a cereal) which is really yummy! This lip balm is my HG! It instantly hydrates and makes my lips look and feel so soft!

Definitely recommend! 

Valentine's Day!


Hopefully you all exchanged some form of love, may it be with your friends, lover or family!

Baby gave me a bouquet of pink lollipops! So sweet! I love lollies. (:
Ate them all before I remembered to take a picture.


I on the other hand, spent a week making a bear for him. I ran out of time to make it clothes, been swamped with so many essays.  It looks better in the first picture because the head isn't attached yet, I don't know what happened when I attached it. It's head just went flat. ):

CNY Festival

Today I went to a Chinese festival, I went to the kids corner to make bunny ears to wear, since it's the year of the rabbit. I also bought a giant helium hello kitty, at first I had a spongebob but I got sick of it so I went back to exchange for a hello kitty <3 It was heaps of fun and like last year heaps of yummy foods!

Share some pics!
I clearly shouldve checked the weather forecast! It was like blazing out there.
As you can see, I am squinting at the hot ass sun! Look how big it is!
I actually filmed most of the stuff, like the lion dance & fire crackers on the poles, so I'm not gonna upload that. haha here's just a picture of the mini lion that circled people and into the stores.


Some camwhoring :D
See my hello kitty (partial) & bunny ears?! yes my ears are demented they broke during the fest. lol

He looks so dorky with his new haircut and glasses -______-''''

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Just wanted to show my CAS calculator for school, they cost ~$200AUD.
I broke mine my first one in yr10.. my mummy had to buy a new one ):
Also people at school always steal them, so I wanted to make mine special!
This took around 4hrs. btw, i completed this in 2009 summer holidays, the pictures you see are when it was all "perfect" now bits and pieces are falling off.. haha
I don't take enough care of my things.

Planning stage! I put all the big main pieces in and then I started filling in the gaps with rhinestones.

~~~ 4hrs later..


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Etude House pt.4 [Miscellaneous]

This is my last Etude House reviews so far, I never realised how much products I had from them.

Sleeping Pack - Moist & Firm
This mask is perfect for people are lazy like me or don't have time to sit down for an hr to do a mask, you simply just apply the mask on your face before you sleep, wait around 5mins for it to absorb into your skin and just go to bed. When you wake up in the morning simply just wash it off. easy! 
A little goes a long way, but it's up to you how generous you want to be. I usually only use like a pea size and that covers my whole face. When you apply this on you will immediately feel the effects, it's so soft and nourishing. I definitely recommend this to everyone.


Finger Food Hand Lotion:
Yummy! That's the only word to describe these hand lotions. Sadly, I don't think they sell this collection anymore ): There's 5 smells in this collection but I only got 2 (strawberry lollipop & lemon sugar). They hydrate your hands to a certain degree, but it's so-so nothing special to really rave about, it's just a normal slightly greasy hand lotion, except it smells delicious!


Proof 10 Eye Primer:
This primer is the best! It makes my eye-shadow stay on longer and look more vibrant. It allows my eye make up to last up to 9hrs but sometimes with almost zero smudging!
The wand is really long, so it's good to dig around the edges and easier application.

Current Nails

Just wanted to share my current nails, nothing special. It's just a plain white glitter french tip for school, since my nails for school never last more then 2 weeks haha.