Saturday, March 26, 2011

Boyfriend's bday!

Hey guys!
My boyfriend's birthday is coming up in a week and I forgot.. yes I know I'm a horrible girlfriend. It just slipped my mind I was really busy with school and everything (which I think I'm failing btw, I study so hard and I still screw up... so frustrated at myself.)

A bunch of us are getting him some shoes? I'm not sure, someone else is organising that..
I'll probably pitch in 50% of the price for them.
I tend to stray away from buying him stuff that's music and fashion related because he's really picky about that and always likes the really expensive stuff ):

So I thought on top of that I'll just give him some extra things..
- a handmade blue elephant ♥♥♥
- customised pocky (stole the idea off strapya, haha)
& that's it... I suck.

): help me guys, what else..? I have 2 sacs this week so I'll be busy studying and cause it's in a week it can't be bought online! argh

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