Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kara endorses Palty!

Palty finally has a bubble range, so excited!!! I always preferred Palty's colour range over Prettia, but used Prettia because it's more easier. Just wanted to share some pics! Shame I can't read japanese. ):

From what I can gather from the images, it comes in a cup with a mixer as opposed to Prettia which has a pump. I think that this will be much better in terms of getting your values worth.. but Prettia already gives a significant amount. Also I think with the cup it might be dangerous with spillage and the fumes will be more intoxicating. :l

However that's just from what I've gathered from the images! I may be wrong!!!
Will review once I get my hands on this. hehe (: gonna dye my hair like crazy, with all these gorgeous colours!
Sorry for the tiny pictures ):
credit: Dariya site
(included the CF below)

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