Saturday, March 26, 2011

Multi-Cultural Week

At our school we celebrated multi-cultural week.
We had heaps of activities celebrating different cultures.
My favourite was sushi making! except it was only for juniors -_____-'''
On Friday we had cultural dress day.
I had planned to do my make-up like a panda, but I woke up too late and only managed to do my hair in two buns..and without the make-up everyone just called me Chun Li from street fighter. haha
I also wore my Hong Kong flag as a cape!
Upload more pics later when I hunt down more, I forgot to bring my camera so all these pics are either from mine or my bf's phone.
Yes, I'm aware of my ugly eyebags.. ): been sleeping so late these days.

Just some purchases
Liz Lisa: Pink Nordic scarf

Navy puff sleeved shirt: $20 -> $18 (10% off cause there was tiny visible stitchings on the sleeve, which I easily fixed in 1min yesterday night, hehe)

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