Sunday, May 8, 2011

I'm such an idiot...

:( sorry for the lack of updates, been busy with school as usual.

For our 1 yr anniversary, by bf made this scrapbook full of pictures of the first time we meet, the first time we held, deb, formal, random dates etc! it was filled with movie tickets and all sorts of random things! I'll take pics later ^---^" it was the sweetest thing ever! It was like a story book and right at the end there was a hole cut out of the pages and in there was engraved couple rings!!! hehe sadly mine was too big for me. :( I have super bony fingers. So I usually wear it as a necklace! He also got me something else but Korean Postage takes ages..

We didn't get to celebrate until today (Saturday) because we were loaded with tuition on Wednesday.
Today (Saturday) :( I dropped my ring in the toilet. Of all days I decided today I would wear the ring on my finger as a proper ring and not a necklace and like I mentioned before the ring doesn't fit me well.. I'm smaller than a size 5. We went 'The Age Career Expo' and I went to pee and when I went to wipe I heard a *cling
I was so upset at myself. :( btw did I mention I had my period! I couldn't bear to fish it out. So I had to flush it down... I contemplated secretly replacing it without my bf knowing but when I walked out of the toilet and I saw him I just started bawling for ages! I felt like such a horrible person. :( He said I should've just called him cause he would've fished it out! but that's disgusting :(
He said he'll buy a new one now, but it's not the same. I hate me! why am I so careless. :( I didn't even take a picture of them! whyyy I hate me so so so much! I'm pathetic!

So after crying for an hour or so I finally calmed down and we headed for city and went to 'Oriental Express' for lunch :) we ♥ sushi trains, yummy. Afterwards we went shopping and photo world to take some pics and waste money on the claw machines. hehe. Oh and to all Melburnians! Artbox in Target Centre is closing down! 50% off all items!


anyways...Picture Time! *please excuse my eyes :( all my mascara and eyeliner came off when I was crying.. I should really invest in some waterproof products.

*  my brogues look so wrinkly :( and I ripped my heart tights..
he wanted to be like a penguin... so embarassing! all these people walking by were like "wtheck... o__o"
whats a post without a cam-whore picture (: hehe
(^ oh and that's what the platinum beige has faded normally)


  1. aww you guys look so cute together :3
    i like your outfit! ^^
    :( awww, i understand how you feel! something like that happened to me with an important ring my bf gave me, but i didnt drop it in the toilet (i always take off rings/bracelets when i go to the toilet, just incase...), i just lost it. :(

    If only i was around when you dropped that ring in the toilet, i have disposable gloves in my bag. You never know when they come in handy...

  2. :( That really stinks. Sorry that happened!
    But you guys look uber cute together hahah :)
    sushi train = love.

  3. @Fern: ^--^'' thankyouu! aww :( that sucks!! I should carry some disposable gloves aswell. :(

    @Jane: haha thankyou! :) love sushi trains but its a lil pricey~