Sunday, May 1, 2011

My weekend ♥

Hey guys! sorry for the lack of updates :( schools killing me! 

First of all! I dyed my hair with 'platinum beige' I was really disappointed. I'll do a proper review later!
oh! and I cut my fringe myself.. again ^---^''' side fringes annoy me.

Went to watch 'Fast & Furious 5!' it was amazzzzing!!! ♥♥♥
except I wish there was more racing :( but all in all it was funny and well worth the money!
oh! and if you haven't seen it! stay after the credits!!!! there's a snippet section/teaser for the next movie!!!
Afterwards we went to eat dumplings and shanghai noodles! We got these weird hybrid dumplings... not quite steamed but not quite fried. I think they were just busy! usually its not that bad... 
*pic spams
:( I was cross-eyed...

It's me and reuben's 1year anniversary on Wednesday (4th May) 
I've been so busy studying I didn't have time to get/make all the presents I had in mind. 
So I just settled for love coupons and a steel bracelet engraved with our day "040510♡" :) hehe
I'll make it up to him later for this shit present!~ 
Got him the bracelet today! :( never knew they were that expensive! $110. 
Oh! and my rents went to a wedding dinner tonight! It was fun helping my mum get dressed up and I ran around the house in my dads huuuuge pointy dress shoes. haha~


Anyways I should be studying now! I shall update later!
Oh! and I'll do some reviews later. hehe :( no time to post! 


  1. I liked Fast 5!!! :D I wanna watch it again lol!

    lol..hybrid dumplings. xD

    I like your outfit~ you're pretty!
    And happy 1yr anniversary~ at least you bought him a present..
    I didn't buy my boyfriend a present for our 1year
    T-T.. i feel bad.. i think i'm going to go make him a card now before he comes back into the room.. LOL

  2. @ Marion
    thanks! florals♥

    haha definitely watch it again! the part with the vault! omgosh! wowowow! and haha! it's not about the gifts! it's about celebrating your love for one another, yadelala etc. (:

  3. ouuu i like your outfit ^__^ and your headband so cutee <3

  4. ouuu i like your outfit ^__^ and your headband so cutee <3