Saturday, June 25, 2011

Formal 2011 ♥ *image heavy sorta~*

Sorry for the lack of posts once again. Been physically drained. 

So my year 12 formal was on Wednesday 22nd at Leonda by the Yarra! It was so absolutely beautiful! I can't be bothered typing out a full recap of my whole day haha, so I'll just post photographs. I should've taken more photographs but I was too lazy thankfully ♥james took awesome photos with his DSLR. I totally need one, the whole night the lights were off on the dancefloor and tables but his camera makes the lighting so nice! ): 
Oh! and sadly I didn't take any full body shots of my dress. haha and I switched into my flats pretty much after I arrived lol. I just wore them to look pretty but I really can't dance in heels or walk... 

little dilemmas of my day:

♥ my mummy was suppose to pick me up after school so I had more time to do my make-up +hair.. which I think I successfully succeeded in, hair-wise. I just curled it and had half of it loosely up and the rest on the side with a flower clip. I envy all your girls who can do your makeup in 10mins.. It took me ages! and don't even get me started on eyelash glue... -______-'' super epic fail moments...
So I wasted ages waiting for her and then I called her and she said she had work! So I took the bus and got home at 2 and had to leave for my boyfriends house by 4. So I only managed to take a shower and do my make-up and get into my dress
♥ on the ride to my boyfriends house my zip decided to screw up ): I knew I should've replaced it. It was always   awkward when I tried it on but I figured it would be fine. So when I arrived I asked my boyfriend to fix it but he used so much force he actually tore the whole zip out of the teeth / basically ruined my whole dress. Then my boyfriend got really moody and angry... I wasn't even bothered haha! Luckily in the end a really nice aunty help sewed me into my dress and you couldn't even notice the zip was not there.
♥ Not really a dilemme but at the station when I went to get a ticket the machines alarm went off?! It was the sound banks make when people rob the bank it was so loud and rang for 20mins.


 Me & the boy ♥
 On the train afterwards haha!
 lol! in my flats ♥
james/jamieeepoops ♥ lovely photographs!
 Ben ; super bad drunk! haha


Afterwards we went back to my friends house at around 1am had a Maccas run, drank a hella lot and eventually fell asleep at ~6/7am. Was like a dead zombie at school the next day. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm Back~

Hello! ♥♥♥

Had my exam on Tuesday.. -___-'' I'll just go hide in a hole when results arrive.

O`well, Today I got my shoes for formal! They're a bit ugly.. but it was really hard to find heels that matched my nude dress and were ~3.5" because my boyfriends a midget :(
Also I'm on a really tight budget, got these for $40 (Originally ~$60 or $70, I forgot)
Oh! and the chick who usually does my makeup for events wasn't available next wednesday so now I have to do my own makeup..
Omgosh! I'm seriously freaking out. Besides mascara and eyeliner, I don't really know how to apply makeup and I don't even do a really good job at applying eyeliner... If you guys got any basic tips please let me know~ 

Lastly, it's my 18th birthday soon~ 11th july ^---^" I have no idea what to do.. It's going to be a last minute plan. Any ideas? Please share!!! 


Monday, June 6, 2011


Hey guys! I know I said I'm on hiatus but yea.. ^--^"
Just saying a quick hello before I go to bed! Hello ~ ♥

What I wore on Saturday 040611 (: it was our 13th month, we didn't really do much because we both had to go to seminars and were on a really tight budget cause were trying to save up for our holiday at the end of the year, hopefully.

Here's my OOTD. i ♥ my new cardi. got it for $41 (originally $60 - 30% off) score! 
It's so pretty and warm!~

Mid years in ~1week. aaah >~<'' must study hard! I really want to get an A+