Saturday, June 25, 2011

Formal 2011 ♥ *image heavy sorta~*

Sorry for the lack of posts once again. Been physically drained. 

So my year 12 formal was on Wednesday 22nd at Leonda by the Yarra! It was so absolutely beautiful! I can't be bothered typing out a full recap of my whole day haha, so I'll just post photographs. I should've taken more photographs but I was too lazy thankfully ♥james took awesome photos with his DSLR. I totally need one, the whole night the lights were off on the dancefloor and tables but his camera makes the lighting so nice! ): 
Oh! and sadly I didn't take any full body shots of my dress. haha and I switched into my flats pretty much after I arrived lol. I just wore them to look pretty but I really can't dance in heels or walk... 

little dilemmas of my day:

♥ my mummy was suppose to pick me up after school so I had more time to do my make-up +hair.. which I think I successfully succeeded in, hair-wise. I just curled it and had half of it loosely up and the rest on the side with a flower clip. I envy all your girls who can do your makeup in 10mins.. It took me ages! and don't even get me started on eyelash glue... -______-'' super epic fail moments...
So I wasted ages waiting for her and then I called her and she said she had work! So I took the bus and got home at 2 and had to leave for my boyfriends house by 4. So I only managed to take a shower and do my make-up and get into my dress
♥ on the ride to my boyfriends house my zip decided to screw up ): I knew I should've replaced it. It was always   awkward when I tried it on but I figured it would be fine. So when I arrived I asked my boyfriend to fix it but he used so much force he actually tore the whole zip out of the teeth / basically ruined my whole dress. Then my boyfriend got really moody and angry... I wasn't even bothered haha! Luckily in the end a really nice aunty help sewed me into my dress and you couldn't even notice the zip was not there.
♥ Not really a dilemme but at the station when I went to get a ticket the machines alarm went off?! It was the sound banks make when people rob the bank it was so loud and rang for 20mins.


 Me & the boy ♥
 On the train afterwards haha!
 lol! in my flats ♥
james/jamieeepoops ♥ lovely photographs!
 Ben ; super bad drunk! haha


Afterwards we went back to my friends house at around 1am had a Maccas run, drank a hella lot and eventually fell asleep at ~6/7am. Was like a dead zombie at school the next day. 


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  2. aww you look so cute with your boyfriend :3
    and you look pretty tooo :D

    new followerr :3


  3. you look sooo pretty!! I love your hair ^^ Wish I had this nice photos from my formal haha

  4. Shucks, I thought I had commented on this, but I must have mistaken.

    In any case, I wanted to say you look amazing!! Great choice of dress! Love that you chose a lighter colour as most girls prefer to go for black or dark colours. You really stand out in the photos.

    Love that you did your own hair and it looks so pretty! I did my own hair, too, for a Dinner and Dance I attended a couple of months ago (a little bit similar to yours) :D

    Looks like you had so much fun!

  5. great photos, my formal kinda failed i rkn LOL !

  6. great photos, my formal kinda failed i rkn LOL !

  7. aww you look so cute with your boyfriend :3
    and you look pretty tooo :D

    new followerr :3