Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Birthday & Mini Haul ♥ *image heavy ~

(: I'm alive! This is going to be a long post, well it took ages to put together.

Firstly, just some things I bought from Forever New♥ these past 2 days. At the moment they have further 30% off SALE items and 10% if you're a student. Sadly it can't be used in conjunction, haha. None the less it's still a bargain! I always want the scalloped shorts in cream... but when they were on sale they didn't have my size ): So I just got the brown.. it's not as nice but it's okay..

bow tights : $15 -> $7
crochet vest : $60 -> $20
scalloped shorts : $50 or $60? -> $28


So it was my birthday on Monday (11th July). I'm not one for huge celebrations so my boyfriend just took me out. The boyfriend baked me a cupcake, gave me a cute elephant necklace (we♥elephants, i forgot why!but we do) and a huge teddy it's as big as me! Had to carry it around with us all day! So tiring. Do you see how huge it is?! He wanted to get me a even bigger one but everyone told him he was crazy.
We went ice skating and omgosh it's so hard! I'm like slowly shuffling along and this grandpa who looked like he was 80+ whooshes past me. Also this lil kid grabbed my butt! ): We then went shopping ♥ and took some pictures ~ and went to a Japanese restaurant for lunch. Afterwards met up with family to eat at a buffet *-* was so full afterwards, like a big fat ball!


The next day I was suppose to meet up with Mon at 2pm to go shopping at chaddy! jadhjakdhlas overslept she texted me at 2pm asking me where I was. Honestly, that woman is always at least 2 hours late and the day I oversleep she's on time. We didn't buy much ahah, only got a jar and a bear with cute blush!!! Super pointless day. We didn't take much pics together because every time we do our faces look like a train wreck. I'm not joking, lemme show you. Here we are by ourselves (no photoshop) ! perfectly acceptable.. then..
Put us together! slitty eyes, hair in mouth, no fringe etc. Need I say more? haha
Oh! and she got me a lalaloopsy ♥ I love her so much ( the doll and mon!) hehe.
If you know me, you'll know how much I adore lalaloopsys. I wanted 
Jewel Sparkles or Sugar Crumb Cookie, Misty Mysterious the most. (pictures shown in order below)

However Mon got me Marina Anchors from the new 2011 collection. She's still just as cute!

 I shall do a separate post later. ♥♥♥


  1. Happy Birthday & those legs look so toned! xoxo

  2. GAH! Love the presents and tights you got!! ♥ Happy belated Birthday ♥

    Haha idk why but I can imagine the grandpa at the ice skating hall xDDD

  3. awesome stuff :D

    i have the same tights lol! i dunno where its gone though >>

    hahahahahaha omg monica....on time?! O.O whoaaaa.

  4. i love forever new it makes me feel like a princess everytime i walk into the store just cuz its so bright and girly ! hahaha. ohh thanks babe <3 you're so sweet. you've got some from bargain there ! have a look at my new post too. i bought some accessories for real good prices !

  5. ^---^'' oh my really?!thankyou! I actually don't do any exercise.. haha I'm too lazy and can't keep the motivation.

  6. ahaha! I know right :l it'll probably never happen again knowing her.

  7. Yes! I feel the same way when I go in Forever New. All the lace and florals *-* aha and yes, i ♥ bargains!

  8. Nice purchases. You look lovely ^^.
    I have the scallop shorts in rose pink. I was so excited when I first saw them and I searched everywhere but couldn't find my size, until I saw some on sale and had to buy them, despite being 2 sizes or so too big. Impulse buy T^T. honestly...I don't even wear shorts -_-". But I adore Forever New ♥~

  9. yes you totally should go check out glassons. even other stores are doing sales atm !

  10. thank you!! you too~ i'm a little bit late though :( boohoo i suck.
    awesome two days! how big are those dolls? =o I don't think i've seen them before... but they are insanely cute, esp the one you received!

    happy sortoflatesorry birthday once again!

  11. bangbangsheshootsJuly 16, 2011 7:41 PM

    Hi thanks for comment. Lovely haul. Love the shorts. Happy belated birthday :D

  12. Happy Belated Birthday, dearie! Glad you celebrated it with a loved one. He is so sweet to bake you a cupcake and that giant teddy bear is...HUGE! But very cute :D

    I like your scalloped shorts.

  13. I love the shorts and the crochet vest you bought!! :)

    ♥, peppie

  14. hahaha this was a great post, the snowman sign was hilarious and the brown shorts still look really good on you! ahh i suck at ice skating, every time i go, i have to cling to the edge and hope i don't fall ><