Monday, July 4, 2011


This is going to be a short post because I'm tired and no pictures because I forgot my camera. ):

Went to Zara today with my boyfriend, for once there was no cues to get inside...finally!! To be honest I was really disappointed it definitely didn't live up to the huge hype everyone gave it and the stock was really bland compared to the UK site. Everything in there was either in brown hues or vibrant pink/green/yellow.
*shrugs maybe I'll find some nice pieces in the near future when I'm a little bit older. The price on the other hand I thought was perfectly acceptable. Everyone kept telling me how its so ridiculously overpriced etc. but I got a nice grey cardi for $30. Which is even cheaper than stores like Dotti and Cotton On and there was some nice skirts for $40.
We also went to Myer and there was a giant lego giraffe. hehe ♥♥♥

Oh! and to all melbournians that shop online for Dollywink, Palty, Prettia etc. All those beauty goodies from overseas. You should definitely go have a look at 'Tokyo Nono Shopping Mall' on 345? Bourke Street (Next to Maccas)! Super cute clothes and heaps of beauty goodies!!!!


  1. omg I went to that tokyonono shop ages ago, and theyre are so expensive like all the other asian stores here D: which is why i shop online at sasa :D

  2. Haha ): yea i know all asian stores in the CBD are hella expensive. I buy mine online aswell. I guess this is just an option for those who cant buy online or want to see the actual product colour/size. However the clothes are super cute but I guess its similar to paramount centre.