Saturday, November 19, 2011

5 Months in a nutshell.

I'm bacccck!
Too much has happened in the past 5 months to blog about.
Basically I've graduated from highschool and it's so sad.. :( because realistically speaking, I don't think I'll stay in contact with all these people. Over the past 6 years I've grown to love the whole 350 or so people in my year level. So many memories I'll never forget..hopefully ^-^"" ♥♥♥
O'well talking about this just makes me sad and nostalgic..

So if you guys haven't noticed I changed the look on my blog! (:
Because I finished my exams and I'm freeeee now! hehe
I dread getting my ATAR.. I'm no super genius and I don't want/need 99.95 I just want ~90 to get into Monash Uni. for my course.. *fingers crossed!

Anyways here's a few pictures from Grad, Muck Up Day, Yr12 Final Day/Assembly. I cant be bothered uploading, sorry.


  1. i hope you get the ATAR you want!!! :] i bet you will >:D
    you look so pretty in the photos! your grad dress looks so nice on you ;D

  2. Aw thankyou fern ^-^"
    I really hope I do, otherwise I have to go to RMIT and it's too far away..

  3. congrats on graduating! and I'm sure you'll get the ATAR you want :) love the new layout!

  4. im graduating next year T^T
    hope you get a great ATAR score and get into monash,I hope I can get into RMIT :)

  5. Aww goodluck! Yr12 goes by so fast, so many celebrations and so many assessments at the same time and thanks! hopefully you get into RMIT! ♥