Sunday, November 20, 2011

Koji 73 - Short Review

Recently I decided it was time to get a new eyelash curler cause my old one just wasn't getting the inner eyelashes and I get really lazy applying make-up unless it's a special event. 
So a good eyelash curler is so important for a lazy bum like me who only wears mascara. 
Everyone raves on about the Shu Uemura and Shiseido, but being the absolute cheapo I am, I went and googled for alternatives and I found the 'Koji 73'
AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥

It's 34mm so it's nice and wide, which is perfect for my eyes (as you can see below my eyes aren't very round.) 
It also comes with a free replacement pad and its only $5
Highly recommend.
Here's a comparision of my naked eye before and after using the eyelash curler.


  1. Oooo cool! =D i hate when lash curlers are like $20 - $40 its like... wtf?! >>
    Glad that this eyelash curler worked out well for you AND its so cheap too! i wanna try xD although...i dont wear mascara bahahaa even on lazy days because i hate the feeling of mascara. @@

  2. ): yea well you don't struggle with falsies! I don't know how you do it everyday! and also my bf prefers little to zero makeup bleh! and yes :D everything I buy is cheap ahhaha.

  3. i saw this eyelash curler on sasa! and i was really intrigued but thers soo many different ones and differnt numbers that i didn't know which one to choose haha.
    your lashes look so awesome :3

    in reply to your china glaze question..
    theres this place in sydney that sells it for $6
    but you live in melbourne so that might be a bit hard :(
    try online and buy in bulk cos its probably cheaper
    but if i find anything i'll let you know :D

  4. wow.. I love how it made your lashes look longer! :)
    I must try this too.. I just hope we those here in the Philippines though :-/

    Lovely eyes by the way! <3

  5. Aw thanks. Um you could try looking online, I got mine off the net haha (: