Friday, November 25, 2011

Recent Purchases ♥ & Impulsive Haircut

Ahhh.. ;_______; too many VIP shopping days lately! 
2 days worth of damage to my wallet.

 ♥ Mustard High Waisted Shorts
♥ White Lace Crop Top
♥ Big White Sunnies
♥ Hoodie
♥ Turquoise bra
♥ Owl Knickers
♥ Sheer Sleeveless Black Collared Shirt (with a lace backing! ♥♥♥)
♥ Lace Bandeau 
♥ Floral High Waist Shorts
♥ Leopard Scarf
♥ Crochet Scalloped Crop Top
♥ 2012 Diary
♥ Teal/Brown Sandals
♥ White Havaianas 

Here's a close up of some of the items that were covered. (:


By the way yesterday my fringe wouldn't sit properly all day in the blasting heat so when I got home I hacked off heaps of it... As per usual I regret it. *sigh
It took me ~6months to grow it out last time!
*excuse my stupid expression LOL


 AFTER! ew... ;_____;


  1. Oh wow, you bought lots of really beautiful things!! Looking forward to see you wearing them ♥ oh and to be honest I like your new fringe! It looks cute ^^

  2. wow that's some haul, love the sandals
    btw, cute straight fringe~

  3. haha but I think your new hair is very cute ^^
    & loveeely haul. the sandals are love!

  4. ^-^"" thanks jane! They'll definitely be my summer sandals

  5. >~<" yes well i haven't been able to shop much all year haha and thanks!

  6. haha yes, i need to start doing OOTD posts again, now that I have pretty new clothes! Aw thanks. (:

  7. Very nice haul.
    Really like the floral high waisted shorts ^-^

  8. Lovee everything in the first picture! Where'd you get them?

  9. Thanks (: um, i got the shorts from 'Temt', the Sunnies from 'Forever New' and the top from 'Valleygirl'

  10. aww i get my things from cotton on body too! :3 ...well i get half price so i guess thats the main reason. LOL
    I love all your buys!! *-*
    and your hair doesnt look ew! =3= im trying to grow mine! its up to my nose now, hopefully it'll keep growing, but its going through a really annoying stage

  11. lol! yea me too thats why I buy from there so much. haha 50% (^-^)b
    and thankyouu~ yea.. I had that for awhile everytime i'd just get annoyed and give up and cut it.. never ending cycle. Fringes are such a pain.

  12. I love your buys! Everything is so cute!

  13. Eeeek I LOVE the leopard scarf and those undies! :D
    Awww, your new fringe is really cute n___n

  14. MarycrismalabananDecember 06, 2011 8:06 PM

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