Friday, December 30, 2011

Thanks for the memories 2011. ♥

So I can assume that, that little passage on top sums up pretty much everyone's year to some degree and in my case that's my 2011 in a nutshell. This year has gone by so fast, so much has happened and sadly I can't recall all the moments in between. I hate to sound like a cliché but it seemed like yesterday that it was January 1st 2011 and I was ready to tackle the new year! Full of new resolutions, dreams and hopes but as I've learnt at the end of each New Years Eve; Nothing goes to plan because that's life.
Life is NEVER perfect and that's okay!

2011, may have been one of my roughest years yet as a main chapter of my life finished. Completing my VCE and entering the big scary world welcomed me to many hardships with new responsibilities that hadn't occurred to me before. I broke down many times throughout the year due to various reasons and at those times I wished so hard that 2011 would just end so I could start fresh in 2012, but it's always going to happen.
Because that's life and shit happens; people will let you down, hearts break, failures will occur and you will feel sad but you are "braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think" and this year is only just a chapter in your book! Yea this year may have brought heaps of tears but it also taught me many things about friendship, life and most importantly me! 

 As another new year approaches and we all stop to reflect on the year; please don't say/think
" Goodbye 2011! Good Riddance!" - instead be grateful for this year because I'm sure we have all grown so much this year and as the years pass I'm sure we will become nostalgic of the events we experienced in 2011.

" Never say goodbye because saying goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting " - Peter Pan

So when the countdown reaches zero and we enter a new year tonight, I hope we all leave 2011 with fond memories rather than negativity and I wish everyone another beautiful new year with the hopes you allow 2012 to fill you with joyous memories!

Take care! Lets end and begin another year with a smile!
 Happy New Year! ♥♥♥

p.s. I'm not making new year resolutions this year... haha because I never seem to keep them (: rather I'll just see where 2012 takes me! *cough terrible excuse!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Boxing Day Haul!

"Were you dropped as a baby?"
" Yea... - into a pool of SEXY!!! ;) "
(sorry that's been stuck in my head all day, lol)

Belated post, I was suppose to do this earlier but I've been busy.
Firstly, I hope everyone had a great Christmas with their love ones! My sister and I spent around 5 hours baking and cooking for the family dinner! So tiring but so yummy! I went to bed really late and couldn't sleep until 4am and had to get up at 6am to go to Chaddy!

Personally I don't think boxing day sales are that great, I prefer the VIP sales more because it's usually a store-wide sale, whereas boxing day is mainly just further reductions on current sale items and if it's on sale its most likely old trends or odd sizes. Not that it's a problem I mean I don't really dress in the latest fashion simply because I'm too poor to splurge on bold items and I prefer more staple items I can mix and match.
None the less I scored some pretty cute items! I didn't buy as much as I intended but maybe that's because I had work later in the morning so I whipped around Chaddy in 2 hours which was insane! 

I finished work around 2pm so I decided to stop off at Knox since it's on the way home just to have a quick whip around to see if I was lucky but everything was sold out in my size ): and I don't know if it was because I was running on 2 hours of sleep with my period or because work was hectic or because I hadn't ate all day or maybe a combination of everything but I just snapped and turned into one of those grumpy glaring shoppers on boxing day. I'm always a very tolerably person during sale shopping days because I understand everyone's frantic to get the bargains but I just had enough! No personal space and people are just so rude and pushy! Like when SA's ask to check my bag I usually don't mind because I work in retail and loss prevention is important even when some of the ruder SA's touch the insides of my bag and everything I don't care because I understand it's their job, but this SA at sportsgirl.. I wanted to yell at her - I should've. She asked to check my bags so I opened everything for her and she started digging around and I was still cool with it but then she started opening my stuff! and then she went to open my tampon box! My TAMPON BOX
Yes you caught me! I stole one of your shirts and stuffed it in my tampon box! WHAT?! So ridiculous.  and then she was like "you can go now." I was so annoyed at her I would never do that to a customer!
Absolutely unprofessional and rude! 

O'wells moving on! Here's my little haul! (: The most expensive item was $35 wooo ~ !
♥ Scalloped White Skirt
♥ Lace Collared Sleeveless Blouse
♥  LOVE bracelet
♥ Beige Beret
♥ Purple Tie-Dye Scarf
♥ Leopard Headband
♥ Rose Pearl Earrings
♥ Mint Hight-waisted Shorts
♥ Lace Cropped Top
♥ Feather Necklace
♥ Blue Sleeveless Cropped Blouse
♥ Bikini
♥ Knickers

My favourite is lace collared blouse! I wanted one at Chaddy's last VIP night but I had a SAC and by the time I got there (3pm) they didn't have my size! I saw the SA unpack it from the box and I grabbed it straight away hehe (: ♥ Debating whether to return the blue sleeveless cropped blouse in the last picture or not :l what do you guys think? It only cost $14?

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! ♥

I'm already 3hours into Christmas (:
 but I wish you all a happy and joyful Christmas full of love and memories.
Also guys pleaseplease if you do choose to discard any of your gifts or x-mas cards please be environmentally or socially responsible! Such as recycling cards to planetark or even donating unwanted gifts to the less fortunate because I think they'll appreciate it more than the back of your cupboard! 
I'll leave you guys with what I wore to work the other day!
Please excuse the angry expression I had a 6hour shift from 4pm - 10pm, so chaotic!
 I have to work on boxing day too! ;A; eeek
And yes, I desperately need a haircut, but sadly cannot afford one ;___; so sssh!
Will definitely do a boxing day haul post but there isn't much I like in stores lately.. So I don't think I'll buy alot this year. We shall see.. hehe ♥♥♥

Another amazing cover by Joseph Vincent of Justin Bieber's 'Mistletoe'  enjoy!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Hella Lot of Mumble Jumble

Hello my lovelies ! 
This is just a random - and extremely long post because I had random stuff to say that wasn't enough to be one proper post. (: 
Also guys, I can't seem to comment on some peoples blogs because it doesn't recognise my google account?! or whatever ): why!! It's frustrating.. help ;A; ..

Firstly, if you guys all read my previous post ATAR scores came out! I wasn't ecstatic about my score because I got exactly what I thought I would get and that's okay because I deserved it. I just lost motivation and belief in myself at the end. VCE is tiring. None the less, my score is more than enough to get into my #1 preference of doing a double degree at Monash Uni! which I guess is more important than having a superduper high ATAR. So *fingers crossed I get the offer haha; my ATAR is higher than the clearly in prerequisites but somehow I still feel nervous! Aaah why does it take a month for offers to arrive! When I told my parents they were extremely proud and bought soo much alcohol.. They spent the whole night partying while I just slept because I only had 3hours of sleep.


Secondly, I'm just going to have a little rant so skip this part if you don't care. You know that friend we all have or better known as the "best fiend" ( - yes I purposely spelt it like that). The one that is always bitter towards your achievements, will ditch you for any guy and expect you to welcome them with open arms when they get dumped, uses you for their own benefit, give you pathetic lies as if you were a dumb 3 year old, ignorant, selfish and never has your back etc. and the list goes on basically the epitome of the worlds worst friend, yet maybe it's just me but it seems impossible to cut them from your life. Perhaps it's the long years of "friendship" or I'm just a coward or maybe I just naively think one day they'll appreciate my friendship. Well whatever the case is, I finally hit the brick wall at the end of our friendship. As you all know lately I've been feeling really down and this "friend" of mine well I've always had a love/hate relationship with her she always made me feel like shit, she would constantly let me down and bruise my self esteem. Anyways, she suggested we have a girls day out to cheer me up and I was like 'wow, that's so sweet' and then just before we meet up she's like "Oh yea btw, my boyfriend is coming too, that's cool right." So instead of making me feel happier she just made me feel like an awkwardly neglected third wheeler who had tagged along to one of their dates. 

yesyes, I know it may seem like I'm over reacting, but this was the little thing that had tipped me over the edge. For almost 6 years I've allowed her to make me feel like I didn't deserve to be happy or proud of myself. Her doing that to me, as stupidly as that may sound made me realise how horrible she was to me over these years. She obviously never gave a rat's ass about our friendship so why should I? I have no rights to say I deserve more than her but I surely deserved better than this. So I have finally decided to get rid of this unhealthy relationship! 


Thirdly, There's a week till Christmas and I have work on the 23rd at peak hour! Customers who throw their anger at you because they decided to leave their Christmas shopping to last minute.. yay! However my family isn't that strong on celebrating Christmas. I mean yea we have a family gathering with food and gifts but we don't go all out. Also celebrating Christmas in Australia typically means a unbearable hot day! I think it's like 30 degrees this year. I want a white Christmas! ;A; O'wells, every year I'm more excited about boxing day instead, haha. I ♥ SALES!
Also with Christmas fast approaching that means another New Year! I don't know if I should bother making new year's resolutions I either forget them or don't keep them...
None the less, I wish you all a safe and merry christmas! (: ♥


Now on a more brighter note! Here are some giveaways that are going on at the moment - which are also shown on my giveaways page but click on the link for more information.

Ends: Jan 15th 2012 
There's actually two winners, instead of one! super generous! 

First Place:
Second Place:

Ends: Dec 28th 2011
Super cute giveaway (: and it's very generous aswell!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Mini Haul

Firstly thanks for the super sweet and caring comments to my previous post. I won't lie and say that everything has been fixed because it hasn't, however I do feel much happier and relaxed over this week, but now I'm started to get the jitterbugs because ATAR scores come out in less than 12hrs! I've decided if anyone asks me what I got I'm just gonna say 99.95 hahahah!!! . . . .  ;A; eeek.

Anyways moving on.. Behold! A day's worth of damage to my wallet!! ;____; Went to city to shop with monica and gaah.. must start saving money for boxing day! I hope I don't have to work on that day or at least my shift is later in the day. I won't deny it...I'm one of those crazy people who get to the mall before it even opens and I'm willing to battle people for items, because as you guys all know; my shopping policy is "No Sale, No Purchase" - all items I own are always on sale/marked down or original price is less than $5 (yep... total stingy asian). Oh! and I only really go with one of my friends on boxing day shopping every year because other people are too slow! I like to get in and out within 5-10mins. O'wells, on with the photo spam of my mini haul! 

♥ Scalloped Floral Short
♥ Nude Bandaged Skirt
♥ Jammie Shorts
♥ Bras
♥ Falsies from Daiso for upcoming parties and NYE/ X-MAS celebrations
♥ Set of earrings
♥ Owl Earrings -  so cute :3
♥ Heart Silicon Mould 
♥ Floral Mug
♥ Heart Cookie Cutter

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Nothing Important.

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of "quality" posts.. life is just a bit hard these days.

 A few weeks ago I felt so on top of the world! I actually told my friend how happy I was and that I was in a really good place in life at the moment. Then WHAM! My life just started going down hill... By no means should you guys feel obliged to pity me or offer words of sympathy I just needed a place to express myself..

Lately, mainly because of relationship and university selections I feel so suffocated in my own sadness and it makes me feel absolutely shit. I alienate myself from people because I either end up throwing my own frustration upon them and then I just get more upset at myself for being like this or I just end up being a party pooper due to my bitter mood. I'm generally a cheerful person but certain events leave me so angry and upset mainly because I'm so scared of the future. There's nothing I can do to fix these problems except give them time I suppose but it's just so difficult because all of my close friends are either overseas or occupied with their own problems and I feel so alone. The sheer fact of growing up scares me. I feel so weighed down by all these new responsibilities and I'm not ready to handle them, so many "what ifs" cloud around my head. Especially with ATAR scores coming out in less than a week. I hate disappointing my parents they work so hard to pay for education and I don't care as much as I should be. When I grow up I have so much to pay back my parents, they have loved me unconditionally despite what a horrid daughter I am. I don't even know what I want to do with my life, who I am, what I what and I guess that's all part of life I suppose discovering who you are but sometimes I just wish things were clear cut so I wouldn't be so confused. As for relationships... I don't even know anymore. Maybe I'm not mature enough... The other night my friend said "at least you have something worth fighting for.." well I don't know.. do I? When does it begin to start losing it's worth? I want us but not like this.. I'm tired of being hurt and crying because it leaves me with this horrible feeling inside me but I guess for now I'll just keep believing that "if it's meant to be, it will be", hopefully. Lastly I just can't seem to cut some people out of my life. These people continuely hurt me repeatedly and let me down over and over again yet I always fall for their apologises. I cherish and want to maintain our friendship yet they don't seem to give a rats ass. I hate feeling so emotionally bruised and vulnerable, most people see me as a very strong person because I tend to bottle things up but lately everything has just accumulated so heavily and rapidly I'm cracking under the pressure and I just want to cry all the time.
I hate this, I hate the way I feel and how I let it ruin my day. I'm so tired of pitying myself, it makes me feel so pathetic. However, I do have faith that things will lighten up eventually! So if any of you lovely ladies are feeling down 'TIME & FAITH' ♥ and always know that family&friends love you.

Bleh, I'm sorry for this huge depressing wall of text. I just had to let these thoughts and feelings out.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Port Sea & Early X-mas Party

Hey guys! I've been a bit lazy updating lately..sorry ^-^"

Last week a bunch of us went up to Portsea for Schoolies! :) 
It was a blast!!! Drank heaps, hardly slept, got a nice tan etc. 
The place we rented was gorgeous it was a holiday house I think? It had a fireplace, a pool, a tennis court and the beach was only a 10min walk! for only ~$180 p/p for a week!

We took 2 buses up there.. it took ~3hrs (: it didn't feel that long cause we were all together.
I didn't really take that many photos cause I was lazy lol.
;______; gah you can all see my naked face.. we went to see the sunrise at 5am on the last day!

*edit.. gaah.. looking at these photos I should start using my camera again... I get so lazy to bring it so I just use my iphone. ): the quality is shocking..
I swear everytime I take a picture with this guy he just blinks!
lol wtheck.. another 3hr bus trip and home sweet home!


Yesterday night we had a early Christmas party because alot people are going to be overseas for christmas and also one of my friends is leaving for NS for 2years ): We did our usual KK and haha one of my friends dressed up as Santa! and then he started shooting people with the nerf gun.. -_____-''' and then we ate heaps and drank heaps again... I swear my livers gonna die soon.


Lastly! I sorta didn't really win Jane's 'Junk Food Game' Giveaway.. but because she's sucha cutie she still gave me a prize! So nice hehe! ♥♥♥
So guy's please visit her hereherehereherehere!!!