Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Mini Haul

Firstly thanks for the super sweet and caring comments to my previous post. I won't lie and say that everything has been fixed because it hasn't, however I do feel much happier and relaxed over this week, but now I'm started to get the jitterbugs because ATAR scores come out in less than 12hrs! I've decided if anyone asks me what I got I'm just gonna say 99.95 hahahah!!! . . . .  ;A; eeek.

Anyways moving on.. Behold! A day's worth of damage to my wallet!! ;____; Went to city to shop with monica and gaah.. must start saving money for boxing day! I hope I don't have to work on that day or at least my shift is later in the day. I won't deny it...I'm one of those crazy people who get to the mall before it even opens and I'm willing to battle people for items, because as you guys all know; my shopping policy is "No Sale, No Purchase" - all items I own are always on sale/marked down or original price is less than $5 (yep... total stingy asian). Oh! and I only really go with one of my friends on boxing day shopping every year because other people are too slow! I like to get in and out within 5-10mins. O'wells, on with the photo spam of my mini haul! 

♥ Scalloped Floral Short
♥ Nude Bandaged Skirt
♥ Jammie Shorts
♥ Bras
♥ Falsies from Daiso for upcoming parties and NYE/ X-MAS celebrations
♥ Set of earrings
♥ Owl Earrings -  so cute :3
♥ Heart Silicon Mould 
♥ Floral Mug
♥ Heart Cookie Cutter


  1. Glad you're feeling better!
    & don't worry about your ATAR scores, I'm sure you did great!
    Oooh lovely haul! I like the last picture, it's all hearts! :)

  2. so much cute stuff!
    i love the shorts and the bras too ;)

    hope you do feel better, i know all too well how you feel <3

  3. Love the scalloped shorts hehe and the bras look cute too reowwww! Those jammy shorts are sooo cute !!
    Retail therapy always helps but yeah boxing day sales might not have been so great .. i find lotsa ppl grab all my sizes and im left with no sizes for clothes and shoes *SADFACE*

  4. omg ATAR scores D: i'll be getting mine next year, but i got two of my vce results back and i am quite satisfied :) hope you did really well on yours~
    i love both of the shorts, and the forever new earrings are so cute ^^

  5. (: thankyouu for your kind words jane! Mm.. i'm a sucker for girly things ahaha

  6. LOL! yes retail therapy feels so good at the time but afterwards it just makes me feel worse cause I realise how much money I spent and aww that's why I go early! haha and if I'm unsure of my size I grab one of each size I might fit just incase someone steals it when I go try one of them on. :D

  7. Aww ): its a totally 'bleh' feeling ( sorry for lack of words) but it does get better with time (:

  8. Goodjob!!! I'm not ecstatic about my ATAR score but I'm happy with it, I got what I deserved.. should've studied harder!! >~<" but it's more than the "clearly in ATAR prerequisite" for the double degree I want at Monash. So woo~ *fingers crossed I get an offer for my #1 preference, because they only offered 17 spots last year. :l eeeek.

  9. Haha you're post was funny, I like the "total stingy asian" but that's smart shopping, since all the items you got are adorable and if it wa son sale or cheap, even betterl. I really like the scallop shorts and the bandage skirt, I'm a sucker for the style and colours.

  10. Hope your ATAR was just what you wanted! I totally agree with your shopping philosophy- clothes are so expensive that it's not worth it unless you get it on sale. Same with speedy shopping- I can tell if I like something or not straight away and I'm really not a browser either haha xx

  11. ): yea all my clothes look the same haha because I love florals and pinks!

  12. :D woo! smart shoppers! Yea, especially if the AUD is up atm. I don't understand why retailers aren't passing down the savings to consumers rather it's going up ): *sobs it's suppose to be an economy of scale!! stupid aus..