Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Boxing Day Haul!

"Were you dropped as a baby?"
" Yea... - into a pool of SEXY!!! ;) "
(sorry that's been stuck in my head all day, lol)

Belated post, I was suppose to do this earlier but I've been busy.
Firstly, I hope everyone had a great Christmas with their love ones! My sister and I spent around 5 hours baking and cooking for the family dinner! So tiring but so yummy! I went to bed really late and couldn't sleep until 4am and had to get up at 6am to go to Chaddy!

Personally I don't think boxing day sales are that great, I prefer the VIP sales more because it's usually a store-wide sale, whereas boxing day is mainly just further reductions on current sale items and if it's on sale its most likely old trends or odd sizes. Not that it's a problem I mean I don't really dress in the latest fashion simply because I'm too poor to splurge on bold items and I prefer more staple items I can mix and match.
None the less I scored some pretty cute items! I didn't buy as much as I intended but maybe that's because I had work later in the morning so I whipped around Chaddy in 2 hours which was insane! 

I finished work around 2pm so I decided to stop off at Knox since it's on the way home just to have a quick whip around to see if I was lucky but everything was sold out in my size ): and I don't know if it was because I was running on 2 hours of sleep with my period or because work was hectic or because I hadn't ate all day or maybe a combination of everything but I just snapped and turned into one of those grumpy glaring shoppers on boxing day. I'm always a very tolerably person during sale shopping days because I understand everyone's frantic to get the bargains but I just had enough! No personal space and people are just so rude and pushy! Like when SA's ask to check my bag I usually don't mind because I work in retail and loss prevention is important even when some of the ruder SA's touch the insides of my bag and everything I don't care because I understand it's their job, but this SA at sportsgirl.. I wanted to yell at her - I should've. She asked to check my bags so I opened everything for her and she started digging around and I was still cool with it but then she started opening my stuff! and then she went to open my tampon box! My TAMPON BOX
Yes you caught me! I stole one of your shirts and stuffed it in my tampon box! WHAT?! So ridiculous.  and then she was like "you can go now." I was so annoyed at her I would never do that to a customer!
Absolutely unprofessional and rude! 

O'wells moving on! Here's my little haul! (: The most expensive item was $35 wooo ~ !
♥ Scalloped White Skirt
♥ Lace Collared Sleeveless Blouse
♥  LOVE bracelet
♥ Beige Beret
♥ Purple Tie-Dye Scarf
♥ Leopard Headband
♥ Rose Pearl Earrings
♥ Mint Hight-waisted Shorts
♥ Lace Cropped Top
♥ Feather Necklace
♥ Blue Sleeveless Cropped Blouse
♥ Bikini
♥ Knickers

My favourite is lace collared blouse! I wanted one at Chaddy's last VIP night but I had a SAC and by the time I got there (3pm) they didn't have my size! I saw the SA unpack it from the box and I grabbed it straight away hehe (: ♥ Debating whether to return the blue sleeveless cropped blouse in the last picture or not :l what do you guys think? It only cost $14?


  1. wtf at that girl! you know technically those ppl have no right to TOUCH anything in your bag, tell that girl you can sue her LOL

    i really like that lace collared top!!!! wantttttt!

  2. Wow! Great finds ♥
    I don't go boxing day sales shopping I go on the 30th instead! A little less crowded that way, though I don't get all the great days as there are on boxing day!
    I love so much of what you got!
    Issy xxx

  3. haha thanks! :) Yea I prefer to battle the crowds on boxing day because there are some great bargains if you're willing to look. However items do have further reductions after boxing day they don't usually have my size ):

  4. I know!! it's my favourite purchase! hehe its from 'i.d.s'

    Bleh ): yea my sister told me that after I came home.. o'wells no point getting all huffy&puffy about it again. I'll be sure to yell next time if a SA does that to me again.

  5. everything looks so pretty <33!! nice finds ^^ !!

  6. wow, I'm pretty much in love with everything you bought!!! I haven't been able to shop yet since I'm been working pretty much every day but I'm planning a big shopping day on Thursday. Mad excited!!

    I laughed so hard at that joke you introduced your post with. A+!

  7. WAHHH T___T sales in melbourne would have been 100x better than in adelaide and i see what you have bought and it makes me sad ijust wana fly over to melbourne haha >=[
    GOSH at the SA at sportsgirl seriously... tampon box? they prob go abit crazy during the sales cos theres so many people, but still! I love the lace collar blouse and that tie dye scarf is so dreamy!


  8. That saleswoman is extremely rude :| !!
    I've never had my bag "rummaged" through by anyone and I find that it's extremely rude and offending to do so :T ! Eesh. I would've been so pissed guh. And dammnnn, your stuff is awesome! I went to Chaddy and most of the stuff was meh ... I probably should've gone to Knox instead :(

  9. the blouse is pretty I can see why it's your fav! and having your bag rummaged that shouldn't happen either they should have stapled your bag when you walk in the store or let you be!! i find boxing day sales not as good as it used to be either, except at a few stores where it's extra 40% off clearance. anyways looks like you had a great haul regardless!

  10. SA's always check my bag ): maybe I look suss. Haha I actually got majority of the stuff (except the beret and leopard headband) at Chaddy, maybe you went too late ):

  11. Oh probably ! ;A;
    Or maybe I'm just really bad at shuffling through the crowds ! I felt like I was going to be suffocated in them xD ..especially in that human traffic jam near the food court !

  12. Yea Sportsgirl SA's are usually super nice ): hehe yea the blouse is my favouriteee! you should fly down next VIP sales (: except you're suppose to have a shopping ban! haha

  13. ahhaha! I love witty replies to insults.
    Aw I hate when work gets in the way of things ): especially sales haha, hopefully theres still some fabulous finds

  14. Omgosh yes especially Myer! That was the last place I headed! It was so messy and busy, bleh! left straight away just didn't have energy to fight the crowds in there.

  15. Your haul is super cute but that SA was totally uncalled for and absolutely rude :(
    Yes - it is her job and that's understandable but that was just RUDE. You played it cool though, haha. Good for you, I would have probably snapped ;_;

  16. I love Lace Collared Sleeveless Blouse!

  17. I am in love with your skirt! Totally loving your tops too!

    What a rude SA -___-

  18. wth that SA is retarded, was she even trained properly?
    your boxing day haul is amazing, really like the lace shirt :)
    i only got a new hair dryer, lol

  19. oooo I love all the things you bought ! Wish I had spent more on boxing day.. :(
    and LOL wtf at the SA from sportsgirl .. I've had people look in my bag.. but not actually rummage through everything and check...

    btw i'm following you now (;

  20. Mm yea and I suppose further reductions on sale items can be good if youre willing to look because there are some great bargains!

  21. lol haha! I never look at electronics or appliances on boxing day :l cause they don't have "sizes" haha I just wait for the second or third round mark downs when the retailers get desperate to get rid of the stock :D

  22. hehe thanks! Yea, they always rummage through my bags ): maybe I got the face of a thief and nah.. dont worry I'd rather save money and wait till the next VIP day next year or second round markdowns! So much more cheaper and worth it.

  23. Aw ): well I don't like to cause a scene at the mall. Let's hope it was just a one time thing if she met a mystery shopper.. hahaha! she'd get fired!