Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Hella Lot of Mumble Jumble

Hello my lovelies ! 
This is just a random - and extremely long post because I had random stuff to say that wasn't enough to be one proper post. (: 
Also guys, I can't seem to comment on some peoples blogs because it doesn't recognise my google account?! or whatever ): why!! It's frustrating.. help ;A; ..

Firstly, if you guys all read my previous post ATAR scores came out! I wasn't ecstatic about my score because I got exactly what I thought I would get and that's okay because I deserved it. I just lost motivation and belief in myself at the end. VCE is tiring. None the less, my score is more than enough to get into my #1 preference of doing a double degree at Monash Uni! which I guess is more important than having a superduper high ATAR. So *fingers crossed I get the offer haha; my ATAR is higher than the clearly in prerequisites but somehow I still feel nervous! Aaah why does it take a month for offers to arrive! When I told my parents they were extremely proud and bought soo much alcohol.. They spent the whole night partying while I just slept because I only had 3hours of sleep.


Secondly, I'm just going to have a little rant so skip this part if you don't care. You know that friend we all have or better known as the "best fiend" ( - yes I purposely spelt it like that). The one that is always bitter towards your achievements, will ditch you for any guy and expect you to welcome them with open arms when they get dumped, uses you for their own benefit, give you pathetic lies as if you were a dumb 3 year old, ignorant, selfish and never has your back etc. and the list goes on basically the epitome of the worlds worst friend, yet maybe it's just me but it seems impossible to cut them from your life. Perhaps it's the long years of "friendship" or I'm just a coward or maybe I just naively think one day they'll appreciate my friendship. Well whatever the case is, I finally hit the brick wall at the end of our friendship. As you all know lately I've been feeling really down and this "friend" of mine well I've always had a love/hate relationship with her she always made me feel like shit, she would constantly let me down and bruise my self esteem. Anyways, she suggested we have a girls day out to cheer me up and I was like 'wow, that's so sweet' and then just before we meet up she's like "Oh yea btw, my boyfriend is coming too, that's cool right." So instead of making me feel happier she just made me feel like an awkwardly neglected third wheeler who had tagged along to one of their dates. 

yesyes, I know it may seem like I'm over reacting, but this was the little thing that had tipped me over the edge. For almost 6 years I've allowed her to make me feel like I didn't deserve to be happy or proud of myself. Her doing that to me, as stupidly as that may sound made me realise how horrible she was to me over these years. She obviously never gave a rat's ass about our friendship so why should I? I have no rights to say I deserve more than her but I surely deserved better than this. So I have finally decided to get rid of this unhealthy relationship! 


Thirdly, There's a week till Christmas and I have work on the 23rd at peak hour! Customers who throw their anger at you because they decided to leave their Christmas shopping to last minute.. yay! However my family isn't that strong on celebrating Christmas. I mean yea we have a family gathering with food and gifts but we don't go all out. Also celebrating Christmas in Australia typically means a unbearable hot day! I think it's like 30 degrees this year. I want a white Christmas! ;A; O'wells, every year I'm more excited about boxing day instead, haha. I ♥ SALES!
Also with Christmas fast approaching that means another New Year! I don't know if I should bother making new year's resolutions I either forget them or don't keep them...
None the less, I wish you all a safe and merry christmas! (: ♥


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  1. congrats on your atar honey!
    hope you get into monash, which i hear is a super super suuuuper epic uni hehe.

    working in the xmas season is so so hectic! seriously it gets SO BUSY ITS CRAZY *_*

    thanks for joining my giveaway! good luck :)

  2. ^-^" thankyoou! I know.. working in retail can be so fun yet painful at times.

  3. don't worry, during uni you'll never have to see her again. Or maybe show her this post and she'll get the message haha. aw our family don't really celebrate christmas either.. we tend to celebrate chinese new year more- is that the same with yours?

  4. yes! D: CNY for us is probably like x-mas for the rest of the world haha. So many of those red sticker things on our walls and the sweets for guests and red pockets! :D
    Mm.. yea hopefully I make heaps of new and proper friends in uni!

  5. Aw, sorry to hear that about your friend.
    I used to have this one friend that was like yours but she made me pay for her stuff too "I'll pay you back next time" and she doesn't speak to me till a month later and I pay for her stuff again -_- but we're not friends anymore ahah
    thanks for posting my give away! good luck!
    OH PS:
    I mailed your package out on Saturday, look out for it!

  6. So, I've gone through a similar thing with a friend. It's hard but you just have to let go. She's obviously not worth it to keep around. Friendship is a two way street...

    I'm working the peak hours at Christmas Eve as well.. hopefully we don't have to deal with anyone aggressive. ><

    p,s hello!

  7. hehe hello! (: thanks for the follow!
    *fingers crossed and I have to work the later part of the afternoon and its going to be 30 degrees the heat and frustration will just increase people's irritation and I agree, there's only so much you can do if the other person isn't making an effort.

  8. No problem! Thankyooou janee! ♥
    omgosh, what a horrible friend.. hate the feeling of being used my others I'm glad you got rid of that friendship.