Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Port Sea & Early X-mas Party

Hey guys! I've been a bit lazy updating lately..sorry ^-^"

Last week a bunch of us went up to Portsea for Schoolies! :) 
It was a blast!!! Drank heaps, hardly slept, got a nice tan etc. 
The place we rented was gorgeous it was a holiday house I think? It had a fireplace, a pool, a tennis court and the beach was only a 10min walk! for only ~$180 p/p for a week!

We took 2 buses up there.. it took ~3hrs (: it didn't feel that long cause we were all together.
I didn't really take that many photos cause I was lazy lol.
;______; gah you can all see my naked face.. we went to see the sunrise at 5am on the last day!

*edit.. gaah.. looking at these photos I should start using my camera again... I get so lazy to bring it so I just use my iphone. ): the quality is shocking..
I swear everytime I take a picture with this guy he just blinks!
lol wtheck.. another 3hr bus trip and home sweet home!


Yesterday night we had a early Christmas party because alot people are going to be overseas for christmas and also one of my friends is leaving for NS for 2years ): We did our usual KK and haha one of my friends dressed up as Santa! and then he started shooting people with the nerf gun.. -_____-''' and then we ate heaps and drank heaps again... I swear my livers gonna die soon.


Lastly! I sorta didn't really win Jane's 'Junk Food Game' Giveaway.. but because she's sucha cutie she still gave me a prize! So nice hehe! ♥♥♥
So guy's please visit her hereherehereherehere!!!



  1. hope you had fun at schoolies, $180 is really cheap for a week! i know people who spent like $500 :O

  2. It's the time of the year again: schoolies hehe.
    Seems like you enjoyed yourself :]hehe.
    & only $180 per week? So cheap~

  3. woah!? $500! that's alot ): but we had a lot of people so we just split the total between all of us haha. It's much cheaper finding a house than an apartment or lil cabins because we can go over the people limit and people can crash on couches or the floor. :p

  4. ahhaha! yes. Honestly, kids aren't as wild as the media portrays.. -____-'' yesyes highly recommend if you want to go for a holiday in summer. The beach is gorgeous!

  5. Thanks for following :) Following you back.
    Schooolies looks fun, i never went !

  6. naw so cute- looks like you had a blast! hope you got a useful kk pressie too! :D xx

  7. azn_coOkiiebums2_December 12, 2011 1:51 PM

    hey thanks for following and in response to your comment on the $2.95 dotti heart tights... they are of good quality but might be a bit short for long legged girls! the sheer part is quite thin but i think they should last with care :)

    and i totally agree... the iphone4 self camera qualitiy is shocking. definitely going to be carrying my camera around again!