Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Eve - OOTD

" I haven't showered since last year!" 

Ahaha! I'm so lame ): I always crack the " I haven't _______ since last year!" lines when it's a new year.
Only a few days into 2012 and I already feel so busy.
Hope everyone enjoyed NYE; fireworks are a great way to start off the new year!


I spent mine in the city with a few friends, originally I was suppose to go with a few of my girlfriends but stuff came up and I only ended up going with my boys instead ;  so that just means cam-whoring by myself! ^~^""
Before we headed into the city I met up with my friend to have dinner and I saw these two guys drive a zebra smart car. It's so cute! I always wanted a smart car but my dad thinks it's dangerous.

We headed into the city at around 8:30, when we arrived it was jam-packed as usual... soo glad I went
with the boys I'm way too short and I kept getting pushed around.

We just bummed around and hunted for food until it was almost midnight then we went and sat in Alexandra Gardens to watch the fireworks! The fireworks weren't that spectacular this year but none the less still pretty!

Afterwards we attempted to go the station but it impossible especially because the Arts Centre was on fire because something went wrong with the fireworks? I'm not really that sure.. but we headed down to hungry jacks :3 and bummed around some more until 3 then we headed home. 

I stayed at my friend's house and omgosh his dog is so cute and his foot is the same size as mine! He almost knocked me over a few times when he thwampthwamped his tail haha!


Here's my outfit for NYE. Originally I was going to glam up with heels etc. but then I realised none of the boys were gonna take pictures with me so I just wore whatever. 

*Once again, I apologise for the horrible quality of the photos.. using my phone as a camera is much more convenient, but I'll definitely try to start using my camera again!


  1. Uwah your outfit looks really cute ♥ glad you had fun with your boys on NYE!! That dog is extremely cute *___________* I want to stroke it!!

  2. You look so cute in those pastel colours!
    Sounds like a pretty good NYE! I spent it indoors with my boyfriend instead!
    Issy xox

  3. cuute outfit! :)
    the dog is soooo gorgeous eeee

  4. Happy New Year !
    Cute outfit ! :)

  5. oooooh look at your lashes! They're so nice~ I like how it looks on you.
    And yeah, I didn't bother going to times square on new years eve to watch the ball drop at 12 because I am short and I will be pushed around like no other. I would have ended up in a different city LOL.

    & I love the outfit! you complete it very nicely :D

  6. Your outfit is so cute. I wish I could be wearing that instead of bulky winter jackets, large scarves and huge ear muffs. haha

  7. hehe i know! It's so cute and cuddly but that's because its like 15kg overweight :l

  8. Thanks!
    Aw that sounds like a great way to spend your NYE! I wish I could've spent mine with my bf. ):

  9. Thankyouuuu~ It is! I just wanted to take it home!
    Have a great new year!

  10. lol! yea, despite being super jealous of you guys having a white christmas I still wouldn't trade it for a snowy NYE. The extra clothing and weather will just agitate me more in the crowds.

  11. haha thanks! I hardly wear falsies ): so hard to put on!
    skdjkasdj;asdj! omgosh jane! I'm so jealous it's like my dream to spend a NYE in times square especially after watching the movie NYE! ;____; how can you just treat it so casually!~

  12. Love the outfit uber cute! Hope melbourne weather wasnt as scorching hot though cos i was dying in Adelaide in aircon lol. And yess ong the dessert spoons at this place are the cutest with faces on them XD

    look forward to your posts this year <3

    x priscilla

  13. hehe thanks!
    Mm, it was bearable since NYE fireworks were at night so it cooled down a little.. but during the day it was like 33? ): the sun burnnns and aww, we have cooling :p so our house is always cold!

  14. Ooh! I remember you posted this outfit on Soompi's WDYWT thread! I loved it! soo cute! Especially those shorts! You're so lucky the weather was nice enough to wear such a nice outfit :) Our NYE weather was nice during the day, but got so cold at night ><
    Looks like you had a fun NYE though!! Happy new year :D

  15. Hey babe, thanks for following my blog!
    I spy some cute floral shorts.. am I correct to guess that those are from ForeverNew? And that mini bag looks sooo cute too! And familiar.. :P
    (Super embarrassing if I get it wrong)

    I'm so jealous that you can wear a scarf like that on your head. It seems simple but it makes my head look weird >< or I am doing it wrong!

  16. (: hehe youre welcome!
    yesyes, I love forever new; lace florals, pastels.. MY WARDROBE FASHION! and erm the bags my sis's it's from valleygirl. lol

    Aw, keep trying theres heaps of tutorials and mag scans online! I think it only works for me cause my heads so big and long -_____-'''

  17. hehe thanks ~ :) HNY to you too!
    Yea gotta love NYE in Aus and it's a shame it was cold

  18. I think your outfit was cute! Love the headband. Haha I know what you mean about guys not wanting to camwhore. Some of my guy friends always go, "Really?? MORE photos?? How many do you neeeeeeddddd?" haha

    The smart car is so cute, indeed. Parking would be a dream. I always think it's cute, but wonder how I'd fetch any of my friends as it's only a 2-seater

  19. That is a MAD CAR! Ahh yes I heard about the arts centre spire catching on fire :O Trust the exciting stuff to only happen when I'm actually out of the country otherwise I so would've been there!

  20. cute car! btw I love your shorts ;D

  21. (: Thanks! Yea.. guys don't understand, photos contain so much memories! I could look at pictures and blabber on for ages.

    Ah, I'm the worst person at parking.. takes me ages to turn in properly and yea I guess it isn't really space practical ): I hate crampy tiny cars

  22. haha! It really wasn't that interesting rather annoying because people were just getting angry and pushing >:( like seriously calm down! we would all move too if we could instead of being crammed on the bridge like sardines.