Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'm Alive!

Hello my lovelies ♥
Sorry I went AWOL I've just been busy with uni enrolments etc. and taking some time off for me.
Oh, and thankyou♥♥♥ all for your super sweet words from my earlier post! I feel much better about the break up and my future now as time does heal all wounds (:
Also a warm welcome to my new followers!
Oh! and new ad from Garnier tomorrow (5th) weee~
Sorry for the following picture spams in this post. 


Uni enrolments:
Firstly, I'm not sure if I mentioned this already but I got into MONASH UNI! weee~
Now I'm motivated to get my P's so I can drive to uni because it takes me ~2hrs to get to uni via public transport which is a hassle because I live in whoopwhoop. However, I'm a shocking driver so I don't think I'll be able to get my P's until mid year.. or the end of the year. I just freak out when I drive and I need someone to confirm everything I do..*sigh

Slight sidetrack haha but enrolling for uni is so confusing! So many forms/applications and decisions! I feel so lost but all these things about uni don't worry me as much as the little things like . . .
 "what stationery should I use?!" and "what if I need to pee during a lecture?! - do I get up and leave!? ( people will stare at me! ;____;"") "The stationery one really spazzed me out for weeks and I ended up settling on lecture notebooks, so I could bind my notes together at the end of the semester..? I don't now argh ): so I bought like 18 notebooks because I wasn't sure how much I'd write and they were $2 LOL (Big W ♥)

My fears about uni could fill a book but I'll just leave you with my dodgy ID card.. It looks nothing like me and they took it with a webcam! ;A; and it expires in 2016.. OTL

So if you guys have any uni tips/advice plmk!!


A few purchases:
Lately, I've been shopping alot! Everything in store suits my style!
lace, peter pan collars, high-waisted items ♥♥♥ hehe 
I bought more but I couldn't be bothered taking pictures. 
The top on the right is the back ^-^" ♥ exposed zippers!
Actually returned the skirt on the left; $50 reduced to ~$6.50? They didn't have size 6 so I was planning to take it in but I was too lazy lol.
♥ Love these shoes! It's so hard for me to find comfy wedges that have a mid height wedge because I'm ~168cm? So if I wear high wedges it makes me a jumbo giant and I don't have the confidence to pull that off.
These babies were $20 at rubi; wish the straps were a lil thicker but whos complaining at that price! haha
*cough despite working for the cotton on group. I usually don't like their shoes because of the poor quality/smell but surprisingly these are odour free and super comfortable for RUBI shoes.


Excuse my expressions; cbs editing.
and lol.. my love for high-waisted shorts ♥



Got sick of my old iphone case because the pink bear at the back has turned black..
So I got a new case off eBay but the pink turned out hotter than the picture showed so I deco'd it; kinda ugly in my opinion but better than before..