Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'm Alive!

Hello my lovelies ♥
Sorry I went AWOL I've just been busy with uni enrolments etc. and taking some time off for me.
Oh, and thankyou♥♥♥ all for your super sweet words from my earlier post! I feel much better about the break up and my future now as time does heal all wounds (:
Also a warm welcome to my new followers!
Oh! and new ad from Garnier tomorrow (5th) weee~
Sorry for the following picture spams in this post. 


Uni enrolments:
Firstly, I'm not sure if I mentioned this already but I got into MONASH UNI! weee~
Now I'm motivated to get my P's so I can drive to uni because it takes me ~2hrs to get to uni via public transport which is a hassle because I live in whoopwhoop. However, I'm a shocking driver so I don't think I'll be able to get my P's until mid year.. or the end of the year. I just freak out when I drive and I need someone to confirm everything I do..*sigh

Slight sidetrack haha but enrolling for uni is so confusing! So many forms/applications and decisions! I feel so lost but all these things about uni don't worry me as much as the little things like . . .
 "what stationery should I use?!" and "what if I need to pee during a lecture?! - do I get up and leave!? ( people will stare at me! ;____;"") "The stationery one really spazzed me out for weeks and I ended up settling on lecture notebooks, so I could bind my notes together at the end of the semester..? I don't now argh ): so I bought like 18 notebooks because I wasn't sure how much I'd write and they were $2 LOL (Big W ♥)

My fears about uni could fill a book but I'll just leave you with my dodgy ID card.. It looks nothing like me and they took it with a webcam! ;A; and it expires in 2016.. OTL

So if you guys have any uni tips/advice plmk!!


A few purchases:
Lately, I've been shopping alot! Everything in store suits my style!
lace, peter pan collars, high-waisted items ♥♥♥ hehe 
I bought more but I couldn't be bothered taking pictures. 
The top on the right is the back ^-^" ♥ exposed zippers!
Actually returned the skirt on the left; $50 reduced to ~$6.50? They didn't have size 6 so I was planning to take it in but I was too lazy lol.
♥ Love these shoes! It's so hard for me to find comfy wedges that have a mid height wedge because I'm ~168cm? So if I wear high wedges it makes me a jumbo giant and I don't have the confidence to pull that off.
These babies were $20 at rubi; wish the straps were a lil thicker but whos complaining at that price! haha
*cough despite working for the cotton on group. I usually don't like their shoes because of the poor quality/smell but surprisingly these are odour free and super comfortable for RUBI shoes.


Excuse my expressions; cbs editing.
and lol.. my love for high-waisted shorts ♥



Got sick of my old iphone case because the pink bear at the back has turned black..
So I got a new case off eBay but the pink turned out hotter than the picture showed so I deco'd it; kinda ugly in my opinion but better than before..


  1. Congrats on getting into monash! I think I know a few people who are going there :)
    I totally agree with you on how aussie stores stock more fashionable items now (i really want that dotti laced peter pan top of yours) haha
    my friend has the white version of your iphone case ^^

  2. You should've gone last week when they had 30% off all full priced items but it's still a little worth it now.. they have 10% off for students until the 5th i think (: and thankyou!! goodluck with your studies this year! :D

  3. eee monash! heard thats a super epic uni :)
    i love love love your outfits!! chic and pretty

  4. ahahha you're too nice, thanks! ♥

  5. heyy thanks for your comment on my blog :D and good job on monash! it'd take me 2 hours to get there by public transport too so i chose melb instead LOL. And i completely understand your uni fears but don't stress! You'll find out what works for you sooner or later and people walk in and out of lectures anytime they want anyway... it's not like school xD

  6. i know D: there's too much freedom thats why it scares me!
    ahah yea, public transport is a pain but i live far from the city.

  7. wow~ cute outfits! ^^ the polka dots sheer blouse is really nice!

  8. Ummm girl your clothes are freakin amazing. I love that peterpan collar top and also the black zip up top? plus don't stress about uni it's really chilled :) I freaked out too at the start but now I'm gonna start 2nd year and I only bought one exercise book, it's those 5 subject books that have dividers in the middle. cos I don't write much :P

    What course are you doing?


  9. i love your clothes!
    It looks so nice on you anddd I love those rubi wedges! so affordable and gorgeous. I love how you decorated your phone as well. :)

  10. Aw thanks for your sweet comment! (: and yes those shoes are so worth it! haha

  11. o: thankyou! hehe I love peterpan collars and oh my only one book; if that's the case my 18 notebooks will last me for my entire course haha! I'm doing a double degree in business (management and acc) debating on transferring to commerce but it doesn't interest me that much because it's too broad.. it just seems more "prestige" in my dads eye...

  12. hehe thanks :) I love the blouse cause it has this flap that covers the buttons and it's actually lil squares!

  13. omg you look cute in your ID photo! I look like a dumbass in mine, they said 'you can smile' like in the last second so i have like this wonky shitty smile -_-

    i really like the outfit in the first OOTD too, the collar is soooo cute ><

  14. ahaah! i hate when you're unsure if you're allowed to smile or not.. that happened to my friends at melb uni and thanks! I love laces and collars so combined together = ♥♥♥

  15. Yay! Congrats on your acceptance to uni, that's a big accomplishment and glad to hear you're doing better and healing with time :)

    And my gosh I love just about everything from your haul, I definitely admire your taste and fashion sense and the OOTD look great too and cough cough* can I steal your phone, Hello kitty cuteness overload!

  16. I'm pretty much in love with your style and love everything you bought! Seriously want your wardrobe. haha
    Congrats on getting int uni! ;)

  17. OH MY GODDDDD I wanted wedges like those and omg $20 at Rubi?! Seriously?? Iam so tempted to shop now.. but i cant ! SAVE FOR NYC TRIP> Uni photos are so shit, they took mine with a webcam too and it expires next yr feb so i have to renew it each year! Anyway I love everything that you buy those tops are SO CUTE seriously $6.50? FML take me shopping in Melbourne?? I MISS MELBOURNE and the sales and the foood and the nightlife wahhhh everything they have there is way better than in Adelaide :( Those orange scallop shorts are adorable <33

  18. thankyou che! (: lol go ahead! it's heavier than I anticipated and a pain to text because I didn't test it out beforehand. poop

  19. OMGOSH!!! NYC?! SO JEALOUS! Good luck saving up for that! I keep meaning to save up to go back to Asia but I'm too tempted by all these bargains! Aw, I don't get why they use a webcam; at least you get to renew it! haha and whenever you're in melb let me know (: we should definitely go shopping! ♥

  20. Congratz, babe! You'll love Uni. Don't worry too much, hun, it's a couple of years of fun fun fun!

    Love your haul. I like how you paired everything. I like the first OOTD though the rest are super cute, too. Great wedges! Man, this post makes me wanna shop!

  21. ahhh hello kitty! So cute :p I lost my ID card on purpose so I would have to take a new picture. The other one was so hideous I couldn't use it hahah. But yours looks so nice, some people get so lucky T_T

    PS: I tagged you in a blog award!

  22. Congrats on getting into Monash!! Uni is not as scary as it seems, you'll get settled super easily :) I very nearly went to Monash too (was offered a scholarship AND it's only a 20 min bus ride for me) but I decided on Melbourne instead because I have wanted to go there forEVER and the campus is so beautiful.. and the location as well, I went to high school in the city and I love it.
    I love all your purchases, so cute! Everything looks so good on you. You have great style :)

  23. it looks like you've had so much fun shopping =) loving the black cut out back midriff top so much!


  24. I just started following your blog and I love your taste in clothing! You look awesome in all those outfits, so many bargains! That phone case definitely looks so much better with those rhinestones, so creative!

  25. LOL! yea.. I thought of that but my friend said they save your pics. haha ): poop
    and thankyouu! ♥ youre too sweet janee

  26. Aw thanks for all the sweet compliments! haha yea well getting to the city takes me a little over an hour on the train soo yea. Definitely agree on how lovely the campus is! (:

  27. Thanks, loving the exposed zip on it! ♥

  28. (: Aw thanks for the follow and the sweet comment!

  29. You sound like me when I first got into uni, haha. Don't stress too much, you'll get into the hang of things. Love your style btw :)

  30. your outfit is so pretty !! :)

  31. those shirts you got are all really cute, and love your hello kitty phone case!

  32. super cute outfits really like the tops!

  33. I am like loving those shoess!!! ahhh!

  34. love all your purchases, they're so cute! and haha don't stress about uni. everything seems a bit overwhelming at first (because you're meant to organise and be on track of everything yourself) but you'll handle it. and yes, you can pee during a lecture. LOL usually they'll give you breaks anyway. if you really have to, you can just quietly exit from the back door! xD

  35. I know you've probably heard it heaps already but your style is amazing! I loved the first OOTD- where did you buy the laced collar blouse and the pink high waisted shorts? They are so cute!

  36. Wow, those shoes are so nice!
    Awesome blog, I really love it so I'm following it:)

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  38. Er, I know you posted this like a billion years ago but ..CONGRATS ON GETTING IN TO MONASH! Which campusssssss? MAYBE IVE SEEN YOU AROUND BUT DIDNT KNOW IT WAS YOU COS IM BLIND *___* But heh yeh, your style is awesome :DD

    (And um, join our Melb Bloggers Outing FB group if you wanttt: ! A bunch of us Melb bloggers are planning on going to yumcha in the Easter break :P)

  39. oh my gosh! where do you get all your clothes? i love all of them. where did you get the one with the lace collar and the black collar? i must have them >:D and your iphone case is definitely not ugly its so good!

  40. OMG you caught so many goood deals >_< I really like the teal top and its cut/color is lovely!
    I love your kitty iphone case :D!

  41. That's the first time that I've seen decent looking shoes from Rubi haha, love those highwaisted shorts. Where did you get the pink pair of shorts? They look like Forever New :o

  42. cute purchases darl! especially luvin the hello kitty =D

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  43. I want to go to Australia ... :'(!
    I just nominated you for Liebester Award. You can check it out in my blog post ^.^